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About Us

One magazine, many topics

Ambient&Ambienti is a web-magazine dedicated to the Environment, in all its aspects: sustainable development, green building, healthy nutrition, circular and green economy, biodiversity, renewable energies, climate, green mobility and much more.

Ambient & Ambienti also deals with all those places designed and created by man to improve the quality of life: urban spaces, plans, buildings, housing solutions, and more.

Whatever the topic, Ambient & Ambienti tackles it with a transversal approach, deepening not only the technical but also the social aspects that involve people’s lives.

The red line that unites all these topics is an innate curiosity and attention to news concerning technologies, books, conferences, events, competitions, new materials and construction techniques.

We love debating

For Ambient&Ambienti, engaging with our audience is crucial.

Our magazine is an open window for real-time dialogue on environmental issues, with the aim to build a common vision.

Our readers are curious and attentive, passionate about sustainability, and care about the planet and the territory. They critically interpret the past, look carefully at the present and are willing to change to improve the future.

Our strengths

Experience and competence

For more than 10 years, Ambient&Ambienti has been a referral point in the sustainability world, and an authoritative voice in a landscape often characterized by passing fads.

A young and passionate editorial board

Our editorial staff is made up of passionate and committed people from Italy and abroad.

Clear and reliable news

All articles and insights are written in simple and accurate language, because Ambient & Ambienti believes in the democracy of knowledge and information.

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