UNEP announces European Winner Of 24th International Children`S Painting Competition


Evdokia Bogacheva, aged 12 from Ukraine, won the competition for the European Region

This year’s International Children’s Painting Competition theme “We have the power!”, in support of the UN decade of Sustainable Energy for All, inspired many young talented artists aged 9 to 14 from all over the world to submit paintings that depict our energy future. Evdokia Bogacheva, aged 12 from Ukraine, won the competition for the European Region because of the originality of her painting, its overall impression and its clarity in interpreting the theme of sustainable energy.

Renewable sources of energy such as biomass, hydropower, geothermal, wind, solar, hydrogen and the ocean – all of which are represented in the winning painting – are part of the transition that must inevitably move our economy away from the current heavy reliance on fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas, which are finite and contribute to climate change. This year’s winning painting for the European region therefore conveys one of the best ways we can all move to “green” our economy.

Evdokia, who has been studying at an arts school since the age of seven, says that she was greatly inspired by the military conflict in her home country of Ukraine.

«People in some areas have difficulties with power supply, heating and water supply. I am very distressed by the troubles people of my country encounter. And it is very bad that people must suffer instead of using the natural resources for peaceful purposes».

The theme of the competition and a growing interest in energy issues led her to seek more information on different energy sources.

«From Internet, books and TV, I have learned that electrical power can be generated by wind, water and plants, the Earth’s interior can produce heat, and geysers and volcanoes can serve as energy sources».

All of this newly acquired knowledge can be seen in her very colourful painting, which displays her remarkable talent and creativity.

«Once I started this painting, I could not stop because I wanted to express my feelings and thoughts through the beauty of these elements. I tried to show in my painting the kinds of energies that could give a new clean pulse to humanity, and allow wild animals to live in a clean environment, so that we may see them not only as illustrations in books».

When she isn’t making art, Evdokia says that each day she tries her best to preserve the environment.

«My friends and I try to keep the yard of our house where we play clean, place plastic items into containers for special recycling, and clean parks. In winter, when birds and squirrels can’t find food, my Mum and I make feed boxes for them. Also, we have

a rule in our family to sort the waste. While this may appear to be a small gesture, if everybody were to do a bit life will be much cleaner».

Jan Dusik, Director of UNEP’s Regional Office for Europe, was impressed: «The winning painting not only speaks to the use of diverse renewable energy sources, but is spreading a positive energy, so much needed to address the current environmental challenges and to ensure a sustainable future for people around the world».

As the regional winner for Europe, Evdokia will receive a $1000 prize, and her painting will compete with other paintings from around the world for the global prize later this year.

About the International Children`s Painting Competition (ICPC), The International Children’s Painting Competition is organised every year by the UNEP, United Nations Environment Programme and the Foundation for Global Peace and Environment. It has been held since 1991 and received more than 3 million entries from children in over 100 countries. The goal of the competition is to inspire people all over the world to see environmental issues through the eyes of children and increase environmental awareness and action among children.

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