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Giovanni Renna: “The future is heating through renewable energies”

( Traduzione a cura di Fiore Caprai e Alessia Losito)
This time I have some problems in introducing you our guest and the firm he represents. One of the problems is due to a piece of news published by Repubblica in the column of Bari: “Innovation, here are the Apulia’s jewels”. I compliment Polaris ,Giannelli Solare (from the Salento area as the Region vice-president Loredana Capone, organizer of a public competition for innovative companies that offers funds) and the third company awarded the public funding Intempra of Bari on being part of the list.

Actually I’m quite astonished by the absence among the “Apulia’s jewels” of Thermocold. This company is first in the world in the double-cycle heating machines sector and first in Europe for the production of the ECO2 line, heat pumps working on carbonic dioxide (they don’t pollute). I am encountering some difficulties in presenting this firm from Bari and its managing director in just 3000-3500 keystrokes (a Word page).

Giovanni Renna

I’ll try nonetheless.

Ambient&Ambienti joined engineer Giovanni Renna in his office located in Via dei Ciclamini, in the industrial district of Bari. A little zen water fountain on the low library with 2 sailboat models hint to some aspects of the director’s ecologist personality that he has in common with the company. A firm that produces efficient machines with low impact on the environment.

Engineer Renna explains that this result, was obtained «with a completely different approach than what it used to be, for that which concerns the attention to the environment».

Indeed the most important job of the 7 engineers (director Renna included) who deal with the research is that of «Planning the products while considering first the environmental standards and then the economical and financial ones. That is to say that the most important thing is the environment. What does environment mean? Three basic points – continues the managing director while drawing diagrams and schemes that brought up in my mind the memories of my studies now lost to me -: energy conservation, products operating on renewable energies, CO2 emissions cut». The aims of Thermocold Costruzione S.r.l. are those of the Energy Package of the European Union: a decrease on the 20% both in consumptions and emissions by 2020 and increase in the utilization of renewable energies.

Giovanni Renna is specialized in nuclear thermotechnology but voted against nuclear power stations right after his exams. His clothes show his fondness for the sea and the sailboats. He is a skipper ready to leave the control bridge of his company and enter the cockpit of a 20 meters Sparkman & Stephens sailboat at any time.


Thermocold was established in 1995 from the fusion of a company from Veneto and an Apulian one. It produces machines for the private, industrial and commercial air-conditioning, it supplies Trenitalia and it has a patent on machines that can’t explode (perfect for oil rigs). It has worked a lot with Agip and supplied boats of the Fincantieri. The feather in the company’s cap are indeed research and innovation “with all the limits – says Renna – in the economic-financial and territorial angles of this country. Unlike many other Nations where this is common procedure: for example we have Germany where people are surprised by the GDP that has exceed the 4%”.

Renna continues with great regret saying that «sometimes we managed to work with the University but with that of Lecce and not with that of Bari from which a help to the territory never came». The engineer then remarked that is almost unbelievable that Italy is the country that boasts the greatest heating and air-conditioning makers and producers. Italy is great in the sector but has to follow behind Scandinavian countries, Germany and Japan «because their governments help the companies and the Japanese product will soon invade our market. Here in Italy we have made first the ECO2 machines. In Sweden – the engineer til now composed burst with the dialect – they didn’t even know what heat pumps were».

The future for engineer Renna is the renewable energies heating. That is to say the wind and therefore heat pumps. For their functioning is necessary a certain amount of electric energy “but it is not said that we have to produce it using nuclear, carbon or gas power plants. If we are able to increment the percentage of alternative energy, it would be much better.

Thermocold pompa di calore descrizione dell’ing Renna Click here to listen

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